Why DIY Electrical Work Is Dangerous

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Why DIY Electrical Work Is Dangerous


If you are trying to save on your home budget, it can be tempting to be a handyman and fix electrical problems on your own instead of hiring a professional. However, DIY projects are dangerous as they are fraught with risks if you do not have any idea of what you are doing. Here are the reasons why you should not perform DIY electrical projects.

Electrical Fire

Electrical fires can be caused by old wires or poor wiring. An electrical fire does not only destroy parts of your home or entire home, but it can also lead to serious injury of even death to you and your loved ones. These are enough reasons why you should bring in a qualified electrician to the do the job.

Using Incorrectly Sized Wires and Cables

There is a variety of sizes of wires and cables, called “gauge”. The size determines where and how it should be used. When the incorrect size of wire is installed in your home, it can lead to shorting of the circuit breaker or overheating. As a rule of thumb, the wire and devices should be rated for proper amperage.

Faults in Electrical Box Connections

It is the job of the electrical box to provide protection against external elements. It is dangerous to work on electrical connections outside of that electrical box. At the same time, electrical boxes should not be filled beyond their capacity. Otherwise, it may result in short-circuiting or overheating.

Fuse Connections

Check that all fuse connections are correctly placed in their position. Loose connections can make your lights and appliances flicker or cut short. Be sure to turn off breakers before any inspection.

Overloaded Outlets

This one is pretty confusing, as most homeowners would assume that powerboards can handle appliances plugged into all available outlets. However, the truth is that it depends on the amps a circuit is designed to handle.

When it comes to your home’s electrical project, the best option is hire a qualified electrician to avoid these costly and dangerous mistakes. Agape Electrical Services is here to complete your electrical job safely and professionally.