What Goes Into Generator Maintenance Service?

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What Goes Into Generator Maintenance Service?

Like any other appliances or mechanical in the household, generators also need proper attention to function properly. To ensure that you are not missing out in your regular maintenance task, we recommend you enroll in a generator maintenance plan with your trusted electrical company or have a design of your own.

How Often You Need Maintenance?

The device, usage, age, and climate are always the factors in determining how often you need to get generator maintenance. For those who use their generators occasionally, you may need to have it checked at least twice a year. However, if your generator is powering an office space and is used on a regular basis, maintenance should be done regularly — same thing when you are in a hot or humid climate.

Like with installation, it is always best to work with a trusted electrical company when it comes to generator maintenance. It will protect your investment and guarantee safe services. Professional maintenance appointment is the best way to give your generator the longest life possible. Here’s what happened on this crucial service:

  • Performance Check. The technicians will do a general check if there are loose connections, jammed buttons, or elements showing signs of corrosion. They will replace frayed wired if necessary and remove debris around the generator.
  • Battery Check. Your generator’s battery needs to be checked regularly to make sure that it is producing the appropriate voltage and charge adequately.
  • Lube Change. Just like the car engines, the generator’s mechanical properties also need proper lubrication. Fluid replacement is typically done once or twice a year. Be sure to keep a log book and record the date of each service when the oil is changed.
  • Spark Plugs. Spark plugs examination is a crucial maintenance task. It is necessary to change these components every year to prevent ignition. A good cleaning is given to these parts during your annual maintenance schedule.
  • Bold Security. The technicians secure the bolts and the cabinet of your generator to ensure that it is still in a safe place. As the unit operates, vibration causes the bolts to loosen over time. They also check for worn or damaged gasket head and piston and have them replaced.
  • Air Filter Check. Air filter picks up every speck of dust and should be replaced Each time you get a service, the tech will replace the filters for your unit’s proper function.

Do not risk needing expensive repairs for your home’s generator system. Get yourself a generator maintenance contract at Agape Electrical Services, LLC and enjoy lasting comfort from your hard-earned investment!