What Are the Signs of Home Electrical Problems?

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What Are the Signs of Home Electrical Problems?

One of the most reported reasons for house fires is an electrical problem. But don’t you know that you can prevent its occurrence, or simply reduce the risk by paying attention to the signs of home electrical problems? Check out these symptoms that you should keep an eye on:

Electrical Shocks

Do you feel a mild shock or tingly feeling whenever you plug a wire into the socket or touch the appliance? That is an indication of an electrical problem. In most cases, electrical shocks are caused by improper electrical wiring or ground faults on the appliance. It is advised that you do not touch electrical wiring and plugged in appliances with wet hands. If electrical shock happens frequently in your home, be sure to call an electrical technician to inspect the issue and provide proper solutions.

Circuit Breaker Problems

The circuit breakers shut off the main electrical supply and prevent overheating or the possible start of fire whenever the circuit is overloaded. However, breakers can trip when it becomes old. If the tripping happens occasionally, it can be accounted to simple overload. But if it happens regularly, you may need to consult an electrician for further diagnosis. Do not risk doing it yourself if you lack the knowledge and skills about the procedure. You might just end up causing greater damage while putting your safety in jeopardy.

Flickering Light

A flickering light is normally triggered by a defective light bulb. In some cases, the issue lies on the appliances or space heaters that are wired on the same circuit as your light bulb. They tend to draw a great amount of power leaving the light dimming or flickering. Be sure to consult a professional’s help in placing light wirings to different circuits or to give major appliances their own dedicated lines.

Burning Odor and Sparks

The occurrence of a spark is normal for electrical appliances but if it happens more often than normal, it may indicate electrical problems like loose wires or issues in the circuit or outlet. If in case you notice a burning smell coming from a switch or outlet, immediately turn off the electrical panel and call a professional technician. This can be caused by overloading, wiring problems or a faulty device.

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