Troubleshooting Common Generator Issues

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Troubleshooting Common Generator Issues

Home generators are to the rescue when a storm or power surge hits the wide vicinity of Canton, TX and nearby towns. But what if the generator itself is under emergency level? Are you prepared with the basic troubleshooting tasks to keep it running again?

To help you out, here’s a rundown of the common generator issues that need basic troubleshooting:

Battery Issues

Do not expect your home generators to run with drained batteries. This is crucial equipment that keeps your unit running. Since generators are always used during emergencies, it is important that you ensure their batteries are fully functional and charged.

Aside from insufficient charge, batteries also fail due to corrosion, loose connections and minor problems that can easily be identified and solved by a licensed electrician. These issues may require opening the batteries and performing physical inspections on its components.

Coolant Flow Problems

The coolant prevents the generators from overheating and keeps it running smoothly. Coolant flow issues can hinder your generator from operating, and you may need to seek professional help for expert diagnosis and repair.

The first thing that electricians do is check the coolant flow system. If the coolant load test result shows an insufficient amount of coolant inside the generator, you may need to repair the switches or thermostat.

Low Oil Levels

The performance of your system is greatly affected by a low oil level in the generator’s internal system. Unlike oil leaks in cars, a generator oil problem is caused by wet stacking. This happens when the generator functions at low capacity for a long period causing the unburned fuel to wet stack. If this happens, not all the oil content of the generator will be pumped through its engines. Connect your generator to a load bank to stabilize the oil level.

Pest infestation and Weather Damage

Generators are often used when the weather is harsh, and since your equipment is not exempted from the potential damages, it’s just right to place the generators in a safe place. Another issue that may cause havoc in your generator’s performance is pest infestation. Always surrender your unit for physical inspection for safety purposes.

How Can Agape Help?

Even with troubleshooting on your end, it still pays off to ask professional help from licensed technicians. If you are in Canton, TX and nearby towns, our expert team at Agape electrical Services, LLC will take care of your electrical needs. Call us!