Spring Electrical Safety Tips

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Spring Electrical Safety Tips

Springtime is the best time to do lots of works at home. But no matter what’s on your agenda, electrical safety should always be on top of your plan. Let us give you some helpful spring electrical safety tips that will help get you through the season safe and sound.

  • Keep Power Cords On Dry Places

Electricity and water, be sure not to put your electrical wiring on wet areas or near water sources. Whenever you are working with electricity, make sure your hands and your work place are completely dry.

  • Watch out for power Lines

Spring tasks sometimes involve getting up a ladder or using long-handled cleaning tools. Beware of power lines anytime you do tasks like these. For safety reasons, move away from power lines, especially when they’re hanging low enough, never touch power lines.

  • Safety Digging

If you have spring tasks which involve digging of any kind, we recommend you call for professional help. Underground power lines are as dangerous as the overhead but more critical since it’s almost impossible to see where they are located.

  • Inspect Cords and Electrical Equipment

Check for damage on your cords and extension wires. Do not use them if you notice any damage instead, have them replaced or repaired immediately. Keep them out of the way especially when you have kids at home. Use extension cords with the correct gauge load for the electrical requirement of your equipment.

  • Inspect Light Bulb

Be sure that your lighting fixtures do not exceed their maximum wattage. If so, you could be at risk of overheating and fire, eventually. The most common sign of exceeding wattage rating are discoloration and burning smell.

  • Schedule Professional Electrical Maintenance Service

If you want a guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to your electrical facilities, we recommend you get a professional electrical maintenance service. Expert electricians will come to your home and inspect the wirings, outlets and other features in details and provide proper repair and replacement if necessary. While they’re at it, you can also ask related questions like electrical safety precautions and some energy saving tips.

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