Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home Electrical System

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home Electrical System


Each year, US accounts approximately 41,000 fires, 1,400 injuries and 3,000 deaths. The most common cause of fires and billions in damages to properties is electrical malfunction. Yet, majority of electrical failures are avoidable with preventive measures done ahead of time.

Spring is the best time to take inventory on your home’s electrical system. Check out these pro tips for a fire-safe home.

Replace Damaged or Worn Out Extension Cords

Extension cords are not meant for long term use. If not maintained or replaced, they can lead to electrical fires. Do a full inspection on your extension cords to see signs of damage or wear like cracked or loose insulation. Change the cords immediately once you see these signs. Also, minimize loads on your outlets.

Install Surge Protectors 

Installing surge protectors safeguards your electrical devices from severe damage caused by voltage spikes. High voltage spikes occur when high energy consuming appliances are turned on or off or when lightning strikes during thunderstorms. Install a whole house surge protection ASAP to protect your circuits at home.

Inspect Your Light Bulbs

How can a small light bulb provoke a fire? The heat that is trapped in an enclosed light bulb can start a fire if not checked immediately. Once the bulb overheats, the fixture and socket can be damaged leading to a serious electrical fire. Thus, make sure to install the right type of bulb suitable to your home needs. Also, consider the maximum wattage to lessen the risk of fire.

Examine All Electronics and Appliances 

Electrical devices like laptop, mobile phones and computers can be prone to damage over time. Spot symptoms of wear as early as now to prevent severe damages of electrical fires. Avoid overloading your outlets to ensure all appliances are well accommodated. Position your appliances in areas at least a meter away from water sources.

Schedule an Electrical System Check Up with the Pros

Have your electrical system checked by qualified electricians for guaranteed results. Hiring professionals can keep your system in good shape all year-round by doing a regular inspection, preventive maintenance, and necessary repairs. Schedule a monthly inspection for your electrical system as early as today.

Spring is the best time to connect with the experts for a safer electrical system. Keep in touch with the certified electricians at Agape Electrical Services today for a more comfortable home throughout the season!