Protect Your Electrical System From Summer Stress

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Protect Your Electrical System From Summer Stress

One of the busiest components of your home is the electrical system and as the temperature rises in summer, so is the load placed on it. Since your electrical system plays an important role in giving you a comfortable lifestyle, it is just right to offer it some TLC by reducing the pressure on its shoulders.

Here are some of the many things that you can do to lessen the burden of your electrical system this summer season.

Be Smart in Choosing and Using your Appliances

  • Heating and Cooling System

An old and poorly maintained HVAC system adds stress to your electrical system. Be sure to replace or upgrade your unit if necessary. For your existing devices, clean air filters regularly and set a regular maintenance service at least twice a year. Beware of dirt accumulation, leaks and cracks in the different components of the system as they hinder the unit’s proper operation.

  • Keep Things From Over Boiling

The use of a water heater is a big expense in your home. The hotter the water and the more you use the heater, the higher amount of energy is consumed. Summer is hot enough so you might want to cool your use a bit by setting the water heater at 120 degrees, taking a short bath, and insulating the tank properly. Turn your water heater off if not in use.

  • Go Natural

Dry your clothes outside rather than using the dryer. You can also fire up the grill instead of using the stove or oven. With these, you can reduce your energy consumption and lessen the energy bill.

Give Your Electrical System Some TLC

  • Go Unplugged

Even when turned off, plugged electrical appliances can still consume up to 5% of energy. If your appliances are not in use, flip the switch and unplug them. This is especially important for the lighting system and other large electrical appliances.

Protect Your Electrical System From outdoor Stress

  • Strengthen your home’s protective shell.

Poor insulation and inadequate air sealing not just affects your comfort but also the overall electrical consumption of your home. Putting this on top of your priority will reduce the burden on your wires and wallet, giving you optimum comfort and savings.

  • Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Updating to more advanced outdoor lighting fixtures such as motion sensors, timers, CFL and LED bulb technology can lessen the burden of your electrical system and boost your savings.

Is your electrical system all stressed out this summer season? Call the professionals at Agape Electrical Services today!