Never Do This When Using an Electric Blanket

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Never Do This When Using an Electric Blanket

Many homeowners in Mabank, TX and nearby towns are using electric blankets to keep themselves comfortably warm now that the cold months have arrived. Unfortunately, not all of them are aware of the dangers that these comfort materials can bring if not properly used. At Agape Electrical Services, we care for your safety more than anything. That is why we are giving you these helpful notes when using your electric blankets at home:


  • Be sure that your electric blanket follows the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) standards to guarantee that the product is safe to use.
  • Keep the blanket flat to distribute the right amount of heat. If the blanket is folded or balled up, the heat may intensify in certain parts of the blanket.
  • The blanket should be placed on top of you (not under) so that the coil will not lose its efficiency. The heat needs to escape freely in the blanket, so be sure you are not putting pillows and other items on the blanket.
  • Most blankets are not automatically controlled so you should turn off the device if not in use or else it might overheat.
  • If you notice smoke, burning smell or discoloration on the blanket, unplug it immediately. These are indications of internal issues.
  • For safety purposes, stop using the blanket if it starts to work improperly or you notice frequent overheating and visible scorch marks. Check on the manufacturer about this matter.


  • Don’t let pets sleep or stay near you when you are using the blanket. Their sharp claws and teeth can puncture the internal elements of the blanket and ruin it.
  • Electric blankets should not be used by people who can’t operate it themselves like children and people with disabilities.
  • Some blankets are not designed to be used overnight so be sure to use it only on the recommended time range.
  • The electric blanket should not be used on waterbeds.
  • To prevent the risk of fire, the electric blanket and heated mattress should not be used at the same time. Also, the power cord should not be run between mattresses and box springs.
  • Do not wash, iron or dry clean the electric blanket to avoid damaging the cord insulation and coils.

As you can see, almost all of these guidelines are pure common sense. Keep them in mind to secure safety throughout the lifespan of your electric blanket. If you have other electrical issues in your home, feel free to contact our experts at Agape Electrical Services today!