Is Your Home’s Electrical System Ready for the Fall?

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Is Your Home’s Electrical System Ready for the Fall?

It should be! The season for sweatshirts and bonfires is fast approaching, and it is going to be another tough period for your home electrical system. Since you will be firing up your comfort appliances and other electrical devices any time soon, you might as well prepare your home electrical system for the challenges of the changing temperature.

Here are the things to look at in preparing your home electrical system for the fall season.

  • Breaker Box

The breaker box acts as the nerve center of your electrical system. One important thing you should do before the temperature drops is to check the breaker panel and the fuse box. Make sure that the fuses are properly sized to prevent overheated wiring and the risk of fire.

  • Circuit Breaker Fitness

Just like your need for daily exercise, the circuit breaker also needs to be moved at least once every year to prevent it from getting stuck. This is simply done by turning the breaker on and off. If you have circuit interrupters, a monthly test is recommended to ensure its proper operation. That simply means pressing the test button to check if it works.

  • Outdoor Electrical System

Check for exposed electrical service cable and be sure that it is not damaged.  Make sure that your outdoor electrical outlet is a GFCI outlet and should be wrapped by “bubble cover” for safety and to keep elements out.

  • Space Heaters

One of the widely-used heating devices for residential places is a space heater. But without proper care, this can be a major fire hazard. For safety operation, never plug the space heater in an extension cord and never place flammable materials near it.

  • Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can last up to 10 years. If yours is already on its last leg, be sure to replace it before the cold season starts. For existing smoke detectors, check if the batteries need to be replaced or the device needs immediate repair.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Be careful of this odorless and colorless gas for it can put your health in jeopardy. Malfunctions in your heating system can cause a large concentration of CO gas that can spread inside your home. Be sure to check if your alarms are in good condition and replace batteries if needed.

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