Electrical Upgrades That Are Most Enticing for Home Buyers

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Electrical Upgrades That Are Most Enticing for Home Buyers

Are you planning to put your house on the market? You can’t do that when your electrical system’s condition is questionable. Check out these home electrical upgrades that will help you get a good deal with reduced chances of endless price negotiations.

  • Obsolete Wiring System

Old wiring systems (including knob and tube and aluminum wiring which are known as the leading cause of fire) can quickly send home buyers elsewhere. To boost the value of your home, you need to upgrade to modern solid copper wires and sufficient grounding. This will help in managing the massive load of electronics in a modern household, thus making your home a safer place to stay.

  • Old Electrical Service

Older homes have the traditional 60-amp which can no longer handle the sheer number of electrical loads that modern houses require. Before selling your home, have it wired to 200-amps to support the electrical needs of the next homeowner.

  • 2-Prong (Ungrounded) Outlets

You may not care much about these 2-prong outlets but your buyers will. If you want to have fast and good deals in today’s tough housing market, you need to adjust for the current digital age. Be sure that your outlets can accept 3-prong plugs and are properly grounded. This will best fit for the buyer’s thousand-dollar smart gadgetry.

  • Insufficient Outlets

Be sure that multiple outlets can be found in each room of the house you sell. Modern homeowners would prefer this than having extension cords all over the place. Be sure to put the outlets in convenient locations like outside the front door and next to the nightstand.

  • Circuit Breaker Panel Issues

You are not yet ready to sell your home if you have an old, undersized and improperly modified circuit breaker panel. All the activities of your electrical system run through it, so you should pay extra attention to this part of your electrical system. Circuit breaker panel issues can affect not only the value of your home but also its insurability. No buyer would love to set an investment to it.


Be sure that the outlets in wet locations such as the basement, bathroom, garage, and kitchen are GFCI-equipped for safety purposes. These devices can detect an imbalance in the electric current and cut it off instantly to prevent accidents.

If you are planning to sell your home but unsure if the electrical system is enough to get a good deal, we can help you circumnavigate sales issues and get your home ready on the market. Give us a call at Agape Electrical Services today!