Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and Their Parents

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Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and Their Parents

Each year, thousands of people, particularly children are killed or injured by electric shock in Canton, Texas. Do not let your child be a victim! Prevent electrical-related incidents before they even happen in your house.

Take note of these electrical safety tips for a safer home all year-round.

  1. Leave your outlet with one or two plug-ins.

As much as possible, do not plug in too many appliances in one outlet. It can cause a short circuit that may lead to fire. Your electrical system is programmed with a limited voltage capacity; that is why overloading is not allowed.

  1. Cover and secure all electrical outlets.

Do you live with small kids at home? Beware of electrical outlets all over the house because one of your kids might stick his/her finger into the socket without your notice. To avoid your child from getting into a traumatic electrical shock, make sure to cover all outlets when not in use.

  1. Place your appliances out of their reach.

Keep safe some of your portable devices if not needed. Put your electrical appliances such as oven toaster and hair dryer on a shelf or cabinet that is out of your children’s reach.

  1. Dispose of damaged electrical cords.

Check all power cords for fray or damages. If you find anything unusual, then it’s better to just throw it away for your kid’s safety. They might play on it and cause more trouble if neglected.

  1. Pay attention to electrical hazards.

Heads up and keep an eye for potential electrical danger inside the house. Inspect your sockets if they work and create a buzzing sound. You may also look for damages or sparks on the cord. Regularly schedule a professional inspection on your electrical wiring and appliances.

  1. Teach your kids what to do.

Educate them by giving simple instructions that they can easily understand. Talk to them about the dangers of electricity and the ways to avoid its hazards. Give exact and simple verbs like “do not touch the socket”, “stay away from the appliances” and more. For sure, they will keep away from off-limits zone always.

  1. Schedule an electrical inspection and maintenance.

Nothing beats the help of an expert. To get the highest level of comfort at home concerning your electrical devices, do not hesitate to contact your electrical service provider. They will do a regular check-up and maintenance on your electrical system for the safety of the whole family.

Act now before it is too late! Get more electrical safety tips from the experts at Agape Electrical Services today.