5 Reasons Your Outdated Wiring Is A Fire Hazard For Your Home Or Business

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5 Reasons Your Outdated Wiring Is A Fire Hazard For Your Home Or Business

Are you positive that your home or commercial place is a hundred percent fire-safe? Not without old wiring inside! At Agape Electrical Services, we always want you to be proactive about the safety of your premises. And we can start by giving you these five risks of having outdated electrical wiring in every corner of your home or workplace.

  1. Knob and Tube Wiring

Unless you have a newly constructed home or building, there is a great chance that you have what is known as “knob and tube” wiring. This old-fashioned wiring system consists of copper conductors that run inside walls and ceilings, passing through drill holes via porcelain tubes and supported with knob insulators. This system is easily compromised when building insulations envelop the wires, or something has been nailed on the wall and hit it, or rodents have found it chewable. Then it becomes a leading cause of the fire.

  1. Poorly Modified Wiring

This is prominent to 100-year old buildings which have gotten through a lot of wiring modifications with people who know less about the nuts and bolts of electrical services. For residential places, this could simply mean you have faulty wiring in your home. The flickering lights and burn marks around the outlets are some of the signs of a poorly modified wiring.

  1. Low Amp Wiring

Today’s home and businesses are already too dependent on the advancements of technology. Come to think of it, we tend to fill our place with different appliances and electrical machinery but never did we try to check if our wiring can keep up. Low Amp wiring can also mean overloading of circuits due to outdated wirings which cannot handle large appliances. And when too much strain is given to the outlet, they become a serious fire hazard.

  1. Outdated Electrical Design

Even the design of your old electrical system can bring great danger in your property. The electrical standards have drastically changed over the years. It does not necessarily mean that you have to wait until your property has reached 100-years before believing that it no longer complies with the electrical codes and standards. For safety purposes, be sure to submit your property to an electrical system inspection.

  1. Old Insulation in Wires

Insulation in your wires will not last forever. Over the years, they may be damaged by nails placed into the walls, chewed by rodents, or simply disintegrated due to aging, Without proper insulation, wires can become real threats that can lead to sparks and fires.

Are you having these issues in your residential or commercial place? No need to worry! Agape Electrical Services is just around the corner. Schedule an appointment with us today!