5 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bill Is Unusually High

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5 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bill Is Unusually High

Are you wondering why you are paying too much on your monthly energy consumption? Well, here are the most common reasons why electricity bills increase tremendously in many homes in Canton, TX and nearby towns.

  1. Vampire Appliances

Many homeowners keep their appliances plugged in even if they are not using them. If you do not know it yet, plugged appliances are continuously sucking electricity. Even if you have turned the device off, it will still consume energy. If you are not using your appliances, be sure to unplug them so you will not pay for the unused energy.

  1. Inefficient Light Bulbs

Do you know that traditional incandescent bulbs consume more energy than LED lighting? Inefficient light bulbs are the most common energy hogs at home. It is a fact that LED lighting is a bit costly, but these are long lasting devices and consume less amount of energy. If you are planning some home improvement projects, upgrading to LED lighting should be on top of your list for greater savings.

  1. Poor Home Insulation

Proper insulation is especially important when using your heating and cooling systems. The great amount of energy consumed by these devices in their operation might double and triple if your home is full of drafts and air leakages. Before winter arrives, be sure to check if your insulation needs an upgrade or repair to save on your heating costs.

  1. Old, Out-Dated Appliances

Nothing lasts forever. Even the most expensive appliances in your home can reach the end of its lifespan. Unfortunately, when a device gets old, it is no longer efficient when it operates. Because the components are already worn out, expect that your old and out-dated appliances will consume more than the normal amount of energy, resulting in a tremendously high energy bill to pay.

  1. Device-Charging Frenzy

Tech and gadget-oriented persons are more likely to consume more energy in charging their devices. A phone needs up to 2-3 hours to become fully charged, and some even plug their devices overnight. If you are guilty of this, it is never too late to change your ways. Never leave your devices plugged overnight and be very attentive of the charging time to save energy.

Does your energy bill give you a wave of budgetary panic? The first thing to do is check if you need some changes in your home energy consumption. And if you need more professional advice to save on your energy expenses, you can always seek helpful recommendations from our experts at Agape Electrical Services. Give us a call!