About Us

The Leadership Team

Dena Delbert – Owner, CEO
Stephen Plummer – Master Electrician
Heather Davis – Office Manager

How It All Began

On March 1st of 2013, we started the company with the idea in mind that it would be more than just a company. We wanted to be a reliable electrical service provider, trustworthy in the eyes of those we do work for, and excellent in the way we conduct ourselves and do the job. Our goal is made obvious by our name. Agape in Greek refers to a love that is unconditional. We make our work the same.

What Sets Us Apart

Guided by our Code of Values, we work with Love, Respect and Integrity. How we treat people does not differ from person to person; we treat everyone with respect and work with the same integrity and honesty on each job. We have fair prices and often give competitive pricing for jobs.

We live up to our reputation and we aim to provide only quality services to each customer. That’s why we have become one of the most trusted residential and industrial electrical services provider in the area. Rest assured that we’ll continuously strive for excellence in our job and make the best effort to understand the unique needs of each customer in the years to come.

Having electrical products and service needs? Our company is waiting for your call.